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Bike fit

Fit comes before everything else. We take pride in making sure our clients are comfortable and powerful on their bikes, something unachievable without proper attention to fit.
‘Fit First’ needs to be the bike shopper’s motto. Yes, aesthetics plays a huge factor in choosing a bike.  But is that the right way to choose?  What if the particular bike you like is not right for your build, flexibility, or riding style?  How do you know if it is or not? Our staff is here to answer those questions for you.

How you may ask, is Elevate Cycles different than other shops?   Elevate Cycles uses several different methods to deliver a great fit for each of our clients, regardless of riding style and goals. We go to great lengths to achieve the perfect fit. Our staff offers personalized service to each and every customer that walks through the door.  It may not be the fastest way to purchase a bike, but you will walk away confident in having made the right selection.  Additionally, you will be very pleased with the continued support that we offer our clients after the sale.  Fit is ever-changing through the riding season and you have to make adjustments for those changes in fitness and flexibility.  The Elevate Ride Club Pro-Fit Includes 1 full assessment fit and 3 additional fits through the year.  Elevate Cycles does not walk away from our clients after one analysis session.  We are there to tweak what we have to through the year. A rider’s ideal position is incredibly dynamic and is impacted by the current level of fitness, strength, muscular balance, and injury.  We also take into account the rider’s goals for that given time period. The optimal fit for a rider will also vary whether preparing for a sprint distance vs. Ironman triathlon.
Riders will commonly pay several hundred dollars for a bike fit only to start tweaking their fit almost immediately after their fitting session. This often results in improper fit which sacrifices performance and can lead to injury.  Elevate Cycles has an open-door policy for you to come back and allow us to discuss and make the necessary tweaks with you.  This Human interface is the most reliable part of the cycling analysis process.

Trained under the most accredited cycling analysis professionals in the industry at Cyclologic including 2D Advanced Dartfish Motion Capture,  gebioMized contact point pressure analysis, Ventilatory dynamics with Ben Stone, PhD., Aerodynamics & Wind Tunnel with Mike Giraud, Physical Assessment in conjunction with Endurance Rehab.
Certified Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) programs include SICI Personalized, Advanced Fit, Advanced Tri Fit, Advanced Dartfish Motion Capture Fit, Foot to Pedal Analysis on next-generation SICI Size Cycle with SpinScan and Power Profile Output. This level of qualification positions Elevate Cycles as one of the area's most highly accredited fitters in the region.
In addition, Elevate Cycles also uses aspects of the BikeFit and SlowTwitch methods.  By using these methods we can professionally fit cyclists of all disciplines to their bikes