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Dust those trainers off!

  • Posted on
  • By Chris Pitts
Dust those trainers off!

It's time for indoor training season. Part 1.

Indoor Training Season is here.

Whether you like it or not, most days we will be relegated to the trainer for the foreseeable future. If we are lucky, there might be a few more days of decent weather to take advantage of.

For me, once the road bike hits the trainer it won't see the outside until spring. So here are a few tips before the bike hits the trainer in case you didn't think about them.


Are you running Tubeless?

  • If so, Clean that sealant out of your tires before it sits too long. This gives you the opportunity to inspect your tires for wear. Also saves your tires from having the sealant solidify and render the tire useless.
  • During inspection, one can find debris embedded in your tire that can ruin the trainer cylinder that makes contact with your bike. If you can, have a setup for using on your trainer rather than using the same setup for outside.


Sealant solidified in tire

This is Sealant Solidified to the tire due to it sitting too long. This will make the wheel out of balance while rolling.

The worst-case scenario would be speed shakes going downhill. That is not fun and it is terrifying!

Picture the right is the Solidified Sealant removed from the tire

Since the sealant is mostly silicon, This type of outcome is pretty common and happens in different shapes.

Solidified Sealant removed from tire.


Do you perspire more than average?

  • Change your bar tape every year if you sweat more than average. Perspiration has a tendency to corrode things since quite a bit of your bike has some type of metal on it. Cables, shifter internals, stem bolts, and most importantly the alloy bars you have. Have everything checked on a yearly basis at the very least for corrosion. If you're putting in a lot of trainer miles, have your bike checked before you enter each season.


corroded bars

Amazing what kind of corrosion you can find under bar tape.

The heat during the summer can really cause some damage. This is amplified if you ride on the trainer during the winter.

Change your bar tape!

The outcome of not changing your bar tape often. Luckily this was found in the shop and did not while riding. Broken bar


Clean your drivetrain.

  • A dirty drivetrain is the worst thing ever. It slows you down, it wears your components prematurely, and it's messy. Keep it clean and your full drivetrain will last longer and run smoother. If you're exceeding 2500 miles a season, put a new chain on to always keep your drivetrain new.


Part two we will delve into some training that we do and the progress of clients.


Have fun training!


I'll be with you on the trainer during our Zwift meetups in a couple of weeks.